Peaceful Sleep

Your experience begins with a luxurious private room designed as a true sleeping sanctuary with blackout shades, in-room temperature controls and high-quality bedding and sheets. While you settle in for the night, our sleep therapist will be present to guide you on this expertly designed AWE journey that combines ancient knowledge and cutting-edge wellness science to ease you into a deep, restful and peaceful sleep.

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Who is this journey for?

A good night’s sleep is highly coveted. Its rewards come in the form of vitality, clarity and wellness. If the rhythm of the city has disturbed your sleep or if your have not experienced truly deep and restful sleep, this AWE journey is for you.


Our first peaceful sleep guest reported

That she had been attending sleep clinics at leading international medical centers and none of them gave her the good sleep she was seeking. Her sleep app recorded 100% sleep quality on the first night of this program and stayed at this high level throughout the program.

Our guest had long experienced low-quality sleep. The app, Sleep Cycle, shows the days before the 3-day program. Then, on the first night, for the first time in the guest’s life, the app recorded 100% sleep quality. The second night was recorded at 97%, and the third night recorded 100% sleep quality. Our guest is delighted and immediately shared these results with her sleep clinic.


The Mulu Marriott Experience

From the riverside bank overlooking Mulu’s ancient rainforest, you will find Ayus Wellness located within the Mulu Marriott Resort and Spa. After a day of meditative walking in the forest, cave exploration, or swimming in crystal clear waters, a welcome awaits you in the resort’s handsomely appointed rooms and suites, each with a luxurious bathroom and private balcony. Borneo themed wellness cuisine and energy beverages refresh and revive and lead you on a culinary and wellness nutrition journey that is unique.


The Resort’s close proximity to Mt. Mulu National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is the perfect starting point for a journey of inner and outer discovery. Mulu’s ancient rainforest and sixty-million-year-old caves offer an unrivalled setting for transformative wellness journeys.

Why you will need this journey?

A good rest allows our body to rejuvenate itself through tissue repair, muscle growth and hormonal balance. Science has shown that a good night’s sleep helps people to retain information and perform better on memory tasks.

What will you gain?

There are a number of known benefits. Sleeping at least 8 hours can help you improve concentration, increase productivity, maximize athletic performance, improve your immune function, fight the common cold and restore your overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Science behind the journey?

The AWE Peaceful Sleep Journey draws on recent sleep science and Eastern wellness traditions to offer methods for achieving deep sleep. Further reading can be found in the mental wellness report of the Global Wellness Institute.

Journey Information

Forest Immersion and Movement

Venture deep into Nature with our AWE guides to experience the effects of shinrin-yoku or forest immersion. Immersed within the rainforest or ancient caves, science and the experience of our AWE guests reveals that you will experience a boost in immune functioning, normalization of blood pressure, reduction in stress, improved mood and ability to focus, increased energy levels and improved sleep.

AWE Signature Massage Treatments

Experience our unique indigenous deep-tissue massage from a local Penan expert. In addition, our spa therapists offer soothing AWE massage using Borneo aromas and relaxation techniques. Research has shown that massage therapy helps to reduce stress and depression and to create a generalized feeling of wellbeing.

Facial Masks, Enzymes and Scrubs

Supplement these therapies with organic enzymatic face-washes. All of AWE’s skincare products are evidence-based and proven for effectiveness.

Hand and Foot Treatments

Leave the stress of the day behind and relax in expert hands in our luxurious spa. A herbal foot soak and then a soothing foot massage begins the experience. Revel in the fragrant aromas of our custom-made massage oils, specially designed with a selection of Borneo’s healing and fragrant plants.

Integrative Yoga

Against the backdrop of the rainforest, ease into gentle stretching movements and slow deep breathing to restore your balance and energy.


Journey away from the stresses of everyday life and settle into the power and presence of your inner Being. Using evidence-backed methods, AWE journeys are designed to expand your awareness, rewire brain pathways and unleash endorphins that translate into joy and happiness.

Dance Exercise

Step back in time to ancient Sarawak, where ethnic dancers are taught gentle movements and expressions to honor a harvest or celebrate the forest. In this relaxing dance exercise, experience physical and mental wellness, evidenced by science to improve motor function, brain function, mood and balance. We also offer modern dancercise activities for a more energetic experience.

Aerobic and Strength Training

Exercise your strength in Mulu’s caves, forest trails and canopy walks. Evidence shows that these strength methods create permanent change to your physiology at the cellular level.

Bathing at Clearwater Pool

Slip into the cool waters flowing directly from the Clearwater Cave, one of the largest cave systems in the world. As you wade into its clear waters, you will sense that there is something profoundly healing about the water. The cold temperature burns fat to keep the body warm and elevates respiratory rate – which results in invigoration and a rare sense of alertness.  Highly mineralized waters from its 60-million-year-old mountains, invigorates, with bathers feeling refreshed from within.

Evening Knowledge Exchange

Form a deeper connection with like-minded people on a quest to unlock their best selves. Evening Knowledge Exchange sessions are conversational, thought provoking and transformative.

Medicinal Walk

Pick a fragrant jungle herb as your indigenous Penan medicinal guide explains its uses to you on a fascinating medicinal walk on the fringes of the rainforest. Your guide, trained by his grandfather, is renowned locally for his herbal knowledge and skills, and also works with the scientific community in documenting Penan knowledge of rainforest medicine.

Indigenous Wellness Cuisine

Savor the rich, nourishing and deeply satisfying meals and beverages, prepared using the best traditional produce from Sarawak. Designed to deliver optimal nutrition, this Borneo-inspired menu draws on indigenous food traditions that are scientifically proven for their restorative benefits.

Peaceful Sleep (optional)

Slip effortlessly into a deeply rejuvenating and peaceful rest with our AWE sleep program.  Drawing on a blend of Ayurvedic and natural therapies, your expert therapist helps you to restore balance to the sleep cycle. As researchers from the National Centre for Social Research in UK have stated: “A good night’s sleep is the biggest single contributor to better living”.

Uncover the experience

Uncover The Experience

Supplement your preferred AWE Journey with our Peaceful Sleep program when you book with us. Longer programs can be arranged in consultation with our experienced professionals to craft a sleep program that will meet your personal needs. The Peaceful Sleep program is available as an add-on at USD80 per night, per person.

To add this service, click on your preferred option below. A minimum of 48 hours advance booking is required.

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