Tranquility and healing in Borneo’s ancient Mulu forest at Mulu Marriott Resort & Spa



Rediscover the age-old rhythms of nature and yourself, through thoughtfully devised immersion journeys that take you on a pathway to Asia’s profoundly beautiful sanctuaries, indigenous medicine, ancient health practices and compelling science with Ayus Wellness as your guide.

The wilderness brings with it a sense of wonder, of awe at the beauty and majesty of Nature and its restorative power. Wonderment has been shown to rewire the brain, to take us out of everyday ways of seeing and thinking, and this is the beginning of deep wellness.

Wonder is the beginning of wisdom’ – Socrates 


Whether you are exploring with our indigenous medicinal plant expert or settling into deep forest meditation with our experience leaders, your Ayus Wellness Experience has been thoughtfully designed, supported by scientific research revealing the basis for its extraordinary healing and restorative effects.


Experience Journeys

Clarity and peace of mind

Our signature wellness retreat carefully designed to bring balance to body, mind and soul.

Energy and strength

A personalized energy and strength retreat combined with deep forest immersion and powerful nutrition to build and fortify your body.

Anti-aging and radiance

Skin and brain vitality are the cornerstones of this rejuvenating retreat designed to help you look and feel younger.

Peaceful sleep

The AWE Sleep program is available as an add-on to our retreats, for those who want scientifically proven techniques blended with Eastern rest traditions to aid in a deep, peaceful sleep.

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Our Leadership Team

Robert Geneid

Co-founder & Director,
Ayus Wellness

Prof. Gerard Bodeker

Co-Founder & Director,
Ayus Wellness

Chair, Mental Wellness Initiative
of the Global Wellness Institute

Ismail Balang

Penan Elder & Medicinal Plant Expert,
Ayus Wellness

Andia Gerstner

Ayus Wellness Coordinator,
Ayus Wellness

Shilpa Ghatalia

Master Yoga Teacher,
Ayus Wellness

Runikedy Livan Robin

Experience Facilitator,
Ayus Wellness

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